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Using Chef to edit app.config and web.config during a run

I’ve run into an issue with our Chef automation where i’ve found it extremely tricky to update app/web.config files, so i’ve put together the dotnetconfig cookbook to take care of this. Code available here: Installing To use it, first download it from the Chef supermarket and unzip it to your cookbooks folder :- (you […]

Chef Knife-EC2 Windows Timeouts

We found we were getting some issues with the Knife-EC2 command KNIFE EC2 SERVER CREATE timing out when creating Windows notes on EC2. The error we were getting was this :- Fog::Compute::AWS::Error: RequestLimitExceeded It seems to be due to theĀ check_windows_password_available method having its “sleep” in the incorrect place. I’ve resolved this by editing the code […]

Chef – Rebooting a node without breaking the run

We’ve found ourselves in a situation where we need to reboot a Windows node after joining the domain, and this was causing the Chef run to fail as the node can’t be contacted. To get around this, simply execute a shutdown asynchronously with the shutdown command. This sets up a reboot in 30 seconds, the […]

Automatically resizing Windows EC2, using Knife command -ebs-size

We’ve discovered an issue when trying to use theĀ -ebs-size command within Chef. The instances are created, but due to a limitation with the AMIs they won’t use the full amount of disk space without a resize. I’ve got a “Base” Windows recipe which I use across all Windows instances. I’ve applied the following Powershell code […]