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Chef Knife-EC2 Windows Timeouts

We found we were getting some issues with the Knife-EC2 command KNIFE EC2 SERVER CREATE timing out when creating Windows notes on EC2. The error we were getting was this :- Fog::Compute::AWS::Error: RequestLimitExceeded It seems to be due to the┬ácheck_windows_password_available method having its “sleep” in the incorrect place. I’ve resolved this by editing the code […]

Connecting Amazon VPCs in different regions using OpenSwan VPN

I’ve recently been working with Chef automation, and have needed to create two VPC in different regions (for risk purposes). AWS doesn’t support VPC pairing across region yet, so we’ve had to find a workaround. The simplest solution has been to create two Linux instances (Ubuntu 14.04) in each region, and configure a VPN tunnel. […]