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Generic delimited parsing algorithm

Hi all, You can use the following extension method to parse any string that is split by a delimiter. It will take care of most issues associated with splitting strings (quotes, etc) and works very well in almost every scenario I have used it in. Good one for the library of extension methods, definitely.     […]

FTP – Get directory listing

Haven’t written anything on here for a while – so I am going to start getting back on it. Here’s some nice code to get a directory listing from FTP. You get back a list of FTPListDetail objects which can be used to pass to further implementations, such as a download / downloadasync etc. It […]

Refresh rate switching app

Hi all, I was looking around for an application which sits in the system tray and watches for key combinations to automatically change your monitor refresh rate – I assumed somebody would have written something to do this, but couldn’t find a single app, so I wrote something. I have uploaded it here :- […]

Copy paste from Excel into a DataTable

Ever wanted to copy and paste from Excel into a System.Data.DataTable for displaying in a DataGrid? Here’s some quick and dirty code to do just that :- private void PasteFromExcel()         {             DataTable tbl = new DataTable();             tbl.TableName = “ImportedTable”;             List<string> data = new List<string>(ClipboardData.Split(‘\n’));             bool firstRow = true;             if (data.Count > 0 && string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(data[data.Count – 1]))             {                 data.RemoveAt(data.Count – 1);             }             foreach (string iterationRow in data)             {                 string row = iterationRow;                 if (row.EndsWith(“\r”))                 {                     row = row.Substring(0, row.Length – “\r”.Length);                 }                 string[] rowData = row.Split(new char[] { ‘\r’, ‘\x09’ });                 DataRow newRow = tbl.NewRow();                 if (firstRow)                 {                     int colNumber = 0;                     foreach (string value in rowData)                     {                         if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(value))                         {                             tbl.Columns.Add(string.Format(“[BLANK{0}]”, colNumber));                         } […]

Custom WebBrowser Control with Zooming and CSS Injection

I thought I would post this custom browser I wrote for a project I am working on. It allows you to access the zoom function of the Internet Explorer browser (AxWebBrowser) by calling a Zoom method (passing in a whole number, expressed as percentage). I also added an InjectCSS() method which allows you to insert […]

Streaming Files (for Upload/Download) in WCF (Message Contracts)

I recently had to write some code to perform an upload to a WCF service, and there was a chance that the files could be a touch on the large side so streaming seemed like the best option. There is quite a limited amount of information about this subject – and configuring the web config […]

Delivery Notifications in .NET MailMessage

If you ever need to get delivery reports when you send emails from within .NET – here is a nice code snippet which does it. I used this approach to stamp emails with a “Mail-CustomData” header which contained information leading back to a database entity. I then watched the mailReplyToAddress with a small program I […]

Visual Studio 2010 Intellisense

Is anyone else having problems with Visual Studio 2010 intellisense? I find myself constantly having to guess the name of properties and events in my web controls (mostly UserControls, but also ASP.NET Ajax controls) and it’s starting to get to me! I haven’t seen anyone complaining about this yet, so I thought it was definitely […]

Searching Directories With Linq

Haven’t posted for quite a while – reason being is that I started a new job with a stockbroker in London and have been very busy. Here’s the first of many new posts on useful .NET code snippets. Recursively looking through directories for files has always been a bit of a fiddle – here’s a […]

How to get album art from Amazon Web Services

OK – After a few people have asked .. I have finally rewritten the Amazon Web Services tool to use my newly updated code. It’s a fresh rewrite with some special wordlist matching code, and it seems to work nicely. It is available here as a Windows Installer (.msi) package So – all you […]