Monthly Archives: October 2008

Writing Settings to Isolated Storage

OK, todays post will be about using isolated storage to save application settings. In some of my applications, I find that sometimes it is useful to store settings relating to custom views and UI settings. For instance, when a user goes into a control which has a datagridview on it, wouldn’t it be nice if […]

WordPress – Removal Of The Dashboard For Subscribers

When users log register and log into WordPress, they probably don’t want to see a dashboard.. in my opinion, they probably just want to register and log in so that they can post a quick comment about a blog post, and I think the whole dashboard thing is a bit confusing and doesn’t really give […]

WordPress – New User Doesn’t Receive Email

I just noticed while playing around trying to create new users on this blog that WordPress doesn’t appear to send emails out to new users with their passwords etc. when they register. It appears that a lot of people on google are looking for an answer to this, so here it is :- I took […]

Gateways & Good SQL Data Access Methodologies

  Todays blog post will be about “good” data access, and using gateways to access your strongly typed datasets in C#. This is a useful subject to know, and applies to pretty much any enterprise application written in C#.  Strongly typed datasets are an excellent way to model data in C#, and provide you with […]

.NET Winforms DateTimePicker?

OK, so here goes.. the first post. I feel that from this post all further posts will be judged, as will the quality of my blog and myself as a .NET developer. This is a make or break post for me, so I am going to try my hardest to make it as useful / […]


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