Monthly Archives: January 2009

WordPress / BBlog / Joomla Hacked!! Part 2

Damn them! They did it again. Another hack took place to all my websites, luckily the tool I wrote to get rid of them worked, with a couple of little changes to the script text search. They have changed the name of the variables in this new version of the hack, which points to […]

Encrypting / Decrypting data using the Rijndael algorithm

OK folks, todays blog is about encrypting data. While at university I wrote a thesis on Encryption and security, and studied encryption at a detailed level. The algorithms themselves elude me as the mathematics behind them is generally frightening, although thankfully .NET gives us mere mortals a pathway to use the genius behind them in […]

Importing Excel 2007 Documents in .NET

I had a little bit of trouble recently attempting to import Microsoft Excel 2007 documents, and thought I would create a post explaining how to do it. There appear to be several code fragments on the internet, although none of them seemed to work on their own and only when looking at all of the […]

WordPress / BBlog / Joomla Hacked!!

Oh dear. On the 23rd December all my sites were hacked simultaneously, and it looks like I am not the only one who had the problem. I think there must have been a bug in either WordPress or Joomla that has given the hackers complete access to my source dir.. they appended a very obfuscated IFrame […]