Monthly Archives: May 2010

Delivery Notifications in .NET MailMessage

If you ever need to get delivery reports when you send emails from within .NET – here is a nice code snippet which does it. I used this approach to stamp emails with a “Mail-CustomData” header which contained information leading back to a database entity. I then watched the mailReplyToAddress with a small program I […]

Visual Studio 2010 Intellisense

Is anyone else having problems with Visual Studio 2010 intellisense? I find myself constantly having to guess the name of properties and events in my web controls (mostly UserControls, but also ASP.NET Ajax controls) and it’s starting to get to me! I haven’t seen anyone complaining about this yet, so I thought it was definitely […]

Searching Directories With Linq

Haven’t posted for quite a while – reason being is that I started a new job with a stockbroker in London and have been very busy. Here’s the first of many new posts on useful .NET code snippets. Recursively looking through directories for files has always been a bit of a fiddle – here’s a […]