Refresh rate switching app

Hi all,

I was looking around for an application which sits in the system tray and watches for key combinations to automatically change your monitor refresh rate – I assumed somebody would have written something to do this, but couldn’t find a single app, so I wrote something.

I have uploaded it here :-

It creates an icon in the system tray – if you right click you will get a mapping of your current resolution to the different refresh rates supported .. if you change resolution it will update itself to the new available refresh rates. Just add it to your startup section or HKLM/Software/Microsoft/CurrentVersion/Run/ in the ┬áregistry to get it to auto-launch at startup.

To use it – simple note the key combinations .. they will be in the range of :-

Control+Alt+ F1 to Control+Alt+F10

If I get enough coffees bought for me – I might consider adding some sort of configuration section to it with user configurable key mappings and multi resolution support.

PS. It uses the Low Level Keyboard Hook which is mentioned in the following post :-