About Adam O’Neil

A Photo Of Me

Me in Sydney, during my 7 month round the world trip my my fiancee.

Hello and welcome to all whom have stumbled across my page. I am a professional C#.NET / MS-SQL / ASP.NET developer who currently works in London, United Kingdom. I have decided that I should write a blog of my development experiences and the problems and solutions that I encounter on a daily basis in the hope I can help others.

My backround has always been in computers, and I got interested in programming and messing around with hardware when I was very young. I left my home and the safety of Jersey in the Channel Isles to attend Plymouth University for a Computer System Engineering Bsc(Hons) degree, after which I returned to Jersey to work as a Microsoft Solutions Developer for the largest firm in the Channel Islands, Cronus Consultancy (www.cronus.biz).

After 2 years at Cronus, I travelled the world with my fiancee for 7 months and finally returned to settle in London. My current position is based in St Pauls and I am working as the lead developer of the London development team for a global investment bank.

So, I will be posting tutorials and solutions to the idiosyncrasies of the .NET platform. The reason I decided to create this blog was down to the DateTimePicker control. I wanted to provide the DateTimePicker with a Nullable<DateTime> (DateTime?) value, but it tends to get a bit arsey when provided with such a value. I decided to google the issue and found a lot of answers in a lot of different places, but they never seem to provide everything one needs to know to solve the problem. After a few hours messing around, I eventually found an answer to my problem.

My first post, the data bindable nullable DateTimePicker control, is available now and will soon be followed my many more.